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Touring is all about seeing new and wonderful things! trying to incorporate the lesser known places of interest along with all the major venues! Often times it’s these lesser known places we visit, that turn out to be far more interesting! We like to call them Secret Places, or better still Hidden Gems! We seldom incorporate them into an itinerary mainly because we love to surprise our tour groups with an unscheduled or impromptu visit to one of them!

Mill Gardens by Warwick Castle is one of those Hidden Gems! because we try to arrive early morning around 8am seldom do we have to share this wonderful setting with others! As one wanders this half acre of a fine English Garden the many beautiful varieties of flora, simply explode into a vision of color!  follow the path down by the river, (where you could  half expect Alice and the White Rabbit to appear!!)  there is  another path leading to yet another magnificent view of the Gardens and river Avon, all coming together to give you a view of  perhaps the finest majestic backdrop one could ever wish to see! that of Warwick Castle itself, all beautifully captured in this enchanting natural setting!  A truly unforgettable experience! And all part of a Secret British Tour!

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