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A question my clients often ask me while touring around Britain, Is why I don’t use G.P.S. or as its called in the U.K. Sat Nav?

This wonderful navigational tool can be an invaluable aid for the Amateur when traveling around any country one is not familiar with,  But for those of us Professionals and Purists of which I am one, The use of it can be a hindrance,  The whole purpose of touring is to explore new and wonderful places, on route to where one is heading! This can only be accomplished when I’m not being restricted by an incessant and annoying voice telling me to do this or do that!or take the next exit to my left, or right!

Having a pre set route takes not only the fun out of touring but the ability to be spontaneous! The key to a creative tour is just that, “Creativity”, And that creativeness can happen at any given time or place! There are of course those occasions when impromptu diversions are beyond our control, and are forced upon us, by an act of God, or the local Township,   (e.g. Land Slide, Power Outage, Flooding, Traffic Accident,  a Fallen Tree, or  Sheep being herded from one field to the next, All forcing us to divert!)

But most importantly (If time permits) The desire to be impromptu, by keeping ones options open can be a good thing, For example, Like showing my tour group  off the beaten track hidden gems, or unscheduled pleasant surprises, that can quite often be an exiting experience for all of us!

Additionally, from my own perspective, I  find it challenging and rewarding to use ones Brain to navigate, Being able to read a Printed Map, keeps me on my toes, And my mind alert! It’s easy to be lulled into a sense of complacency and Brain Laziness when one is given the answers ahead of time. I must confess with G.P.S there is simply very little navigational Challenge left for me!

I guess one could label me as Old Fashioned,  or as I mentioned above, A Purist when it comes to touring! Arguably, if one thinks about it, there is some Merit to this bloggers explanation!

So for those of you wishing to be adventurous, My advice is to turn off the G.P.S, Get a good map, follow the road signs, and just Wing it, You may have more fun!!


Bon Voyage



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