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Obama – Messiah or Pariah?

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Riding the crest of an electoral wave in 2008, Obama came to power, to a trumpets fanfare, in front of Greek columns, and a frenzied crowd of thousands being hailed virtually as a Demagog, as the new political Messiah!  With the message of Hope and Change, Chomping at the bit to totally transform the World, and these United States into his own world vision, Like an overlord or Emperor if you will He also touted openness, transparency, compromise and working with the other side by reaching out across the aisle!, (“We will achieve Great things he said”)

So hows that Svengali type spell and slick rhetoric working out after six years? Hows that “Hope and Change” working out? and his vision and promise for a New World order. I must confess like all things Hyped, they often dissipate and fade away!

However it would also depend on what political precincts you hail from! Followers of Obama would probably say wonderful! and the greatest leader of all time! While Dissenter’s  would probably say disastrous! and has perhaps become a liability a political Pariah!! Unbiased  independent thinkers, would have to say, Not very well at all!! Your humble blogger feels he has been a Failure, which is what happens when you place a community organizer with just a little over one years senatorial experience at the head of the most powerful nation on Earth! In my judgement he is simply Not qualified for the position he holds,

He delights in Bloviating for hours on end to an audience of Lemmings! all Searching for Utopia and altruism, which seems to appeal to the misguided, and naive, but is simply not reality for those of us that refuse to reside in the land of Oz! We clearly see through his self righteous charade and phoney motives!

What we surely need  is a Pragmatist and not an ideologue in the Oval Office, working for not just minorities, but for all the peoples in these United States!  Obama’s warped ideology are those of his misguided father, and  left wing liberal mother!  influenced by other left wing like minded liberals,  offering a harmful totalitarian autocratic vision and agenda! with his political loyalties lying somewhere on the fringes of Socialism and Communism!

Because of the resent Senatorial mid term elections, He has now lost the cover Harry Reid has provided him these past six years, by not having had to sign or veto bills, that will surely come his way now!  additionally because he no longer has a Democratic Senate or Congress to shield him, Will now ride rough shod over the nation with controversial Executive Orders, Stomping on the Constitution with an Executive Branch power grab, he will become a Law unto himself, Pushing the limits to his power in the Oval Office, Yes other presidents have exercised Executive Orders but nothing close to what we are going to witness during Obama’s last 2 years in office!  Some say he is a very smart person, So was The Pied Piper of Hamlin! To many a convincing orator, as was Hitler!  Cunning in his approach to other branches of government, showing little or no respect for them, bending the constitution to his own imperial desires, a Narcissist with Machiavellian traits, totally lacking in integrity.

One of the reasons he studied constitutional Law at Harvard was I believe to ultimately Weaken and Marginalize the United States, A job he has been groomed to accomplish by the far left since he was a community organizer! He has done a good job in working towards those ends in his 6 years in office! The damage he achieved in those 6 years, will pale in comparison! to the irreparable damage and harm he plans bestowing on this nation in his remaining 2 years! His legacy will prove to be the most controversial and damaging a leader  these United States has ever experienced!

I for one have never been fooled by this man, not for one moment! I saw right through his phoney facade from the get go! He’s not even a good Conn Man, rather like a Carpet Bagger selling snake oil, A used car salesman in a $1000 suit, or a southern baptist preacher ginning up his congregation into a euphoric like frenzy, which I’m sure he learned from listening to reverend wright in Chicago for over 20 years! And you wanna know the saddest thing about it all! Is that two thirds of the population bought his bill of goods!! Shame on you America for allowing this disengaged disconnected unqualified  ideologue to lead our country, and lead it I might add to almost the brink of disaster! Lets hope it’s not too late to save these United States!




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