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Mind The Gap!! refers to the gap between the subway door and the platform on the London Subway system (also known as the Underground or affectionately the Tube!!) London’s subway rolling stock are of a rigid design, and do not flex like some buses! and with many stations on London’s Underground on a curve, that’s when you notice this gap much more! It can be quite dangerous if you are unaware or not paying attention!  An automated voice recording is announced just as the train arrives and departs!

The Tube is the best way to get across London! if one wishes to save time as the road traffic on London’s streets is becoming a Nightmare!

However if you are claustrophobic as I am and don’t’ wish to travel like a Sardine in a Can!  Then my advise is to Avoid the subway at all costs, especially during Rush Hours! Stuffy tight quarters,with barely enough room to breathe, with No Air Conditioning, is not my idea of comfortable travel, Just a mass of Sweaty Smelly humanity all crammed together in a Haven for Pick Pockets and Gropers! And  if the picture isn’t clear enough already When the train comes to a stop between stations on a hot summers day as it surely will, for God Knows how Long?? Then this claustrophobic sensation is exasperated  even more! A desperate euphoria like their is no where to go and no way out!  An uncontrollable anxiety of  being trapped that can become all consuming! However, by all means take the Tube! don’t let this humble bloggers fears stop you in your quest or desire to travel on one of London;s greatest icons!

On the other hand if you are a realist!  if you have a similar condition! My advise is to walk in the Fresh Air, enjoy the sights and sounds of London!  Alternately take the Bus, or if you can afford it a Cab! allow yourself extra time, “Avoid The Gap” and you’ll get to wherever it is your going with less stress and anxiety!

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