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Early Spring is a wonderful time to visit Britain, Spring flowers are in bloom throughout the land, the boughs of trees laden with fragrant blossoms, are a sight to behold!Incredibly there is something else blooming, at this time of year and that is that Mother Nature is working her magic by giving new life to a host of Farms across the country! I am referring to the many farm animals giving birth to their young! What one notices most of all are the frolicking Spring Lambs in their thousands, Breeds like South Down or Herdwick, Romney or Cheviot! Everywhere you look cute white coated black faced bundles of joy are nursing and playing in rich green pastures without a care in the world!

And if one is lucky enough,you may be able to witness the Border Collies in full swing herding sheep in a distant field obediently following the commands of the shepherd! It’s quite a sight to behold the team work displaid by both! The end result is the perfectly executed control of the flock!

Just pull off to the side of the road at a convenient unobtrusive spot, observe and enjoy nature at work soak it all in for as long as you care to! These simple pleasures are Free and come with no entrance fees!!  Spring time in Britain offers, in many ways a unique and wonderful experience, an experience we all so often take for granted, or seldom notice in ones quest to hurriedly visit the next venue, be it that Castle or Palace a short distance hence!

As a British born Tour Director, now living in the U.S. I am committed to bringing these types of wonderful happenings to the attention of my tour groups, and am truly gratified when enjoyed and appreciated by all on board!

So for now let’s pass on the mint jelly! (mint sauce if you’re a Brit)




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