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Halloween Capers 2013/2014!

witch cauldron Halloween is one of those occasions when the child tends to come out in us all!

We live in a new community that is essentially designed for Nester’s! Don’t ask me why this old fart is living here! I’m pretty much past the munchkin thing!

On Spook Night, my wife and I usually go the whole nine yards, Animated Witches, Frankensteins, Candy Bowls with moving hands, Goblins hanging from trees, you get the general idea!

We even dress up, Which is quite an unexpected fright for the little ghouls that knock on our door, to see my wife and I in Halloween Costume, Some kids are surprised and get all exited, while others are scared shitless! This year we were in Gorilla suits, waiting on our haunted porch, handing out the candy for awhile, Why we even scared the parents!

We never seem to buy enough candy, or just maybe the munchkins are dipping into the candy bowls a little heavier each year! At any rate, we ran out of goodies!

So in a moment of creative genius, I decided to freak out the Munchkins, by putting out a case of Campbell s Chicken Noodle Soup!!! Yes you got it Chicken Noodle Soup in cans!

We closed our door and peered through the curtains to see what reaction we were getting!

It was mixed, Some kids came to our door, Gob Smacked, jaws dropping, can in hand, looking around with a sense of astonishment, With as much as to say “What the hell do I do With this Silly Can of Soup” Then running back to their parents, squealing “Mommy Mommy look what I’ve Got”! Their equally shocked parents shaking their heads in amazement, some doubled over with laughter, While my wife and I were rolling on the floor, peeing our pants, laughing our Asses off!

This whole escapade to replace our out of stock candy with chicken noodle soup, might have made everyone’s Halloween, It certainly made ours!

We will perhaps be the talk of the neighbor hood for awhile, No doubt labeled, Those Gorilla people in the Scary Soup House at the end of the block!

But then isn’t Halloween supposed to be Scary, Crazy, and Fun! I’ll have to think up something unique for the Carolers at Christmas!!!!

Happy Spooky Halloween to you all

P.S. the picture is  from one of Jacquie Lawson E Cards, One of many creative greetings cards they offer at

We at BTBT support this fine company, and highly recommend them to all who visit our site!




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