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There are few things in life that are more enjoyable than to plan dinner with friends in a nice restaurant with a fantastic setting! What one doesn’t plan on is to have the evening, ruined by Poor Food and Sub Standard Service!

But this is exactly what happened to us mid August of this year while dinning in a popular establishment in South Cornwall! Some of the food order was taken incorrectly and inevitably those dishes arrived to our dissatisfaction! The Waitress who was obviously embarrassed was no where to be seen, at which time the Manager stepped into the Fray and tried to correct the problem by reordering the incorrect dishes

When the reordered food returned the side dishes were forgotten and the Grilled Salmon which was supposed to be on a bed of Cold Salad was served on a  hot plate  of wilted lettuce leaves After lodging another complaint to the manager serving us! A Female voice from across the room indicated loud and clear that “We were making a Fuss and that she had experienced good food and service over the last week” From which I politely replied, “Madam you are not at our table, therefore you have No Say in the matter”!

A moment or two later a Portly gentleman decided to voice his disapproval at our table side! I politely indicated that unless he was willing to pay for our dinner, that this matter was also none of his concern! After trying to save face  he walked away in disgust shaking his head and muttering to himself!

So all in all one might say this was an evening to remember! or forget, I’m not sure which!!

On reflection I find it amusing  that such a popular establishment could make so many Unprofessional Mistakes!  The Irony of this whole episode, is how readily some clueless Brits, get themselves involved in other peoples affairs, when wiser heads should prevail!  It has now been over 40 years since I left Britain, and nothing in this area seems to  have changed much” When in Britain the requirement still seems to be! Don’t rock the boat, one must simply Take it, leave it, or go without” (and oh yes Don’t forget to leave a tip, and don’t expect any discounts on the bill) Bon Appetite! and have a nice evening!!

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