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Demise of The British Pub


Many pubs across Britain have closed their doors! Brewery Owned or Free House, one can see them everywhere, boarded up and abandoned as you drive through Townships and Villages throughout the land! Their once prominent hand painted signs still swinging in the breeze, are now faded and weather beaten! Revered colloquial names like The Plough: the Cock and Pheasant: The Bell: and  The Highwayman , All names from another time, a fading  past! Gone are the colorful  flower baskets, with signs offering home cooked food and  locally brewed Ales and Ciders, where weary travelers could rest from the days journey!  The British Pub was once very central to local village life, offering a warm retreat from the hardship of the day! a social gathering place for people from all walks of life to share in the spirit of community! The Laborer in the field could rub shoulders with the Local Doctor! Banker or Known Land Owner! It was the one place where your station in life was accepted by all!

This is now vanishing due largely in part to Socially Changing Drinking Habits: Ever Increasing Alcohol Taxation: The Smoking Ban In Public Places: and Stiffer Drinking and Driving Laws! While one can argue if the Government enforced changes are necessary! they have all in fact aided in the Demise of The British Pub in recent years!  It is estimated at one point, as many as 2000 pubs a year were closing, At that rate the British Pub would cease to exist! While there are still estimated to be approx 60.000 still operating throughout the land, there numbers were twice that 50 years ago! In resent years Brits have witnessed The village parish church close it’s doors due to dwindling congregations! Along with Sunday cricket on the village green! The once familiar Blue Police Box (tardis to some) the yellow A.A. and blue R.A.C. boxes, Additionally the red phone box, sub post office and red post box! have either gone forever, or on the endangered species list! And now the British Pub another piece of, quintessentially British Culture is rapidly disappearing! I know you’ll agree with me, that it’s close to Last Call, at many a fine British Pub, And that familiar refrain from The Landlord of “Time Gentlemen Please!!”will also be on that long list of forgotten traditions that makes Britain uniquely British! Let’s all raise a glass and drink to their memory by visiting a British Pub soon!! “Cheers”

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