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A Changing America!!

flagWhat happened to the pioneering spirit, the sense of pride hard work and accomplishment, that built these United States!

We became the Greatest Nation on this planet, by not being a Welfare State, by not holding our hands out for freebies all our lives, We became the Greatest Nation on Earth by hard work determination, and a sense of accomplishment! And from it, the pride and self respect that comes from setting goals and reaching them, by improving ones self! and ones position in Life!

Is the Welfare Check that’s handed out each month ones only incentive in life! Is accepting entitlements from Cradle to Grave ones only ambition! Should we allow ourselves to fall Victim to any Political Party that stifles individualism, and offers only dependency and dead end class oppression?? What we don’t seem to understand is the price we are paying for a Free Hand Out ! When one is given something for Free! your Obedience is usually required in return!! and that price and obedience is inevitably the erosion of our Rights Liberties and Freedoms!

It’s sad to see the desire to better ones self by individual work ethic being destroyed, by ones willingness to take what one can get from the system, without having contributed to it! Sure there are certainly those that Genuinely Need a Government Safety Net! but far too many Do Not!

Falling into this trap of taking and not giving! with total dependency on the system! will not only destroy ones self in the end, but ultimately the very system one is sucking from!

Nothing in this World is Free!! Someone is paying for the Free hand outs, Question is ? Is it you!!! And do you even care??

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Tower Bridge London, England
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