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Believer or not in Ghosts or Spirits one must confess Ghost stories and Haunted houses do tend to send chills through ones soul!ghost_

Several accounts of  spiritual or ghostly family encounters were told to me by my Mother when I was quite young! needless to say they gave me the creeps,especially around bed time, when it was all I could do to gingerly peer over the bed covers, to watch the shadows created by the coal fire in my room flicker strange shapes on the wall!! And if all that wasn’t scary enough, Every footstep on the creaky wooden stairs in our Old Edwardian House was accentuated, by my prankish brothers thumping on the walls and making weird noises! All this was just a little Too Scary and Spooky for an 8 year old with a vivid imagination!

One of those stories my Mother told was of her Grandmother whose son was serving in France in the first World War, her Grandmother was brushing her hair sitting at her dressing table and noticed some movement in her bed reflected from her dressing table mirror, she thought nothing of it ! But as she climbed into bed and was lying there she felt a cold presence or spirit along side her, reaching over she realized it was her son! noticing how cold he was she hugged him to give him some warmth! the very next morning She received a telegram saying that her son had been Killed in action!

More”Spooky Stuff” to come! Happy Halloween!!

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