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mill-gardenSome of the very best of times spent in Britain can be when one rents a cozy period cottage for a week!

Being in one place cooking ones own food etc does have it’s advantages over B&B! It’s especially advantageous when one wishes to spend time exploring a certain part of Britain in depth! weather it be for research, historical curiosity, (as it is for my wife and I), or just the need to know more about a particular region!

Shopping at the local village stores is always amusing, the locals while friendly towards you always seem to know, you are still outsiders! renting so and so cottage at the end of the lane!

The pleasant hiking trails  across British country side coupled with the sites and sounds of the wildlife, the distant peeling of bells from another village church off in the distance is quintessentially British! Then there’s that tradition after a  memorable country walk, of rounding things off, with a much anticipated pint of local brew with lunch  in the local village pub, is quite definitely the ultimate in simple pleasures!! and does give one  a sense of being  part of the community for a short while! While at the same time, meeting interesting characters, and perhaps making new friends, is always a memorable occasion!

But one of the most rewarding experiences, is to relax in the coziness of a period cottage by a log fire with a good book at days end! What simple soothing pleasures these can be, and very therapeutic away from the hustle and bustle of the Hi Tech age we all live in today! Have I drawn up a delightful picture for you??

We plan this very same getaway in late May of this year! Perhaps you should try it too some time soon!!

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